I bought one from you the weekend after Daytona Bike week we used it on my BST Carbon wheels twice already ~ it is the bomb! I had a bearing problem with the wheel we replaced the bearings and being the perfectionist that I am request that Tracy recheck the wheels. The balancer picked up a 2 gram difference between the rear and the front, I was thoroughly impressed.if you need for me to write anything specific for you let me know but I will say it is the best balancer I have ever used on a motorcycle period.
— Best Regards Christopher
Rick, VERY pleased with the static balancer package! Best quality I’ve seen. Also just found out what a “Tachyon” is…….very original. Not too many people would understand what a cool name that is.

The way I see it, if you buy the best, you won’t have to buy again. I really love this balancer.

Keep up the great work and great products.
— Larry P.
79, backfoot nailed it. Tachyon sells the SDBM (Super Deluxe Boom Mount) on as well. I can put my BI straight boom on and the extended pylon at the same time. Its a great and very SOLID product
— Correct Craft Fan Posting
Rick, Package received, thanks for the on time delivery. We will be using this balancer to balance aerospace grade propellers.
— Farhat R. Reinhold Industries Southern California