The Elite balancer is exactly the balancer you need, but don't take our word for it...take theirs


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Save the ring. 

Put away your saw and order one of these.

Get your boat ready for summer with these great accessories. The only aftermarket retractable pylon designed to fit your Correct Craft perfectly, as well as the EASIEST to use Barefoot Boom Mount! Have questions? Shoot us an email -

I bought one from you the weekend after Daytona Bike week we used it on my BST Carbon wheels twice already ~ it is the bomb! I had a bearing problem with the wheel we replaced the bearings and being the perfectionist that I am request that Tracy recheck the wheels. The balancer picked up a 2 gram difference between the rear and the front, I was thoroughly impressed.if you need for me to write anything specific for you let me know but I will say it is the best balancer I have ever used on a motorcycle period.
— Best Regards Christopher
Rick, VERY pleased with the static balancer package! Best quality I’ve seen. Also just found out what a “Tachyon” is…….very original. Not too many people would understand what a cool name that is.

The way I see it, if you buy the best, you won’t have to buy again. I really love this balancer.

Keep up the great work and great products.
— Larry P.
79, backfoot nailed it. Tachyon sells the SDBM (Super Deluxe Boom Mount) on as well. I can put my BI straight boom on and the extended pylon at the same time. Its a great and very SOLID product
— Correct Craft Fan Posting
Rick, Package received, thanks for the on time delivery. We will be using this balancer to balance aerospace grade propellers.
— Farhat R. Reinhold Industries Southern California